Steen Rassmussen

I started as a tattoo artist in 1989,

I opened a studio in Odense. I called it Viking Tattoo

and got to know a lot of customers and other tattoo

interested people during that time. After a couple of years

I moved to Jutland, where I worked with a couple of other

artists in a studio in Herning, as well as worked the summer

festivals in Denmark. A few years later, I decided to open

a studio again. I found a location on Undsgårdsgade in

Odense and called in Fairytale Tattoo Studio.

A year or two later I found a larger location on Kochsgade,

also in Odense. In 2004, to try something new,

I decided to try opening op a studio in Canada. Unfortunaly

it was a lot more difficult to get started then I had hoped,

so we came back to Denmark once again. As we found a

place to live in Svendborg, that's where I started up my

studio this time. I now have a nice studio where I have built

up a professional workplace for tattooing once again. Besides this short description of my tattoo

experience, I have also worked around the world with different tattoo artists and have been to

numerous tattoo conventions. For now I think I will stop with the Bio. You can always call or stop by.

We have coffee ready and waiting.